Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Watch This Watch List

The World Monuments Fund placed "Main Street Modern" on its 100 Most Endangered Sites for 2008. The Grosse Pointe Library, along with a photo of our business room, is a featured example. From their website:

The primary threats faced by Modern architecture are demolition or inappropriate renovations, and the technical challenges of conserving the experimental materials and innovative building systems used in their construction. The great threat, however, is perhaps public apathy -- a lack of consensus or confidence -- that buildings of the recent past can be important enough to be preserved for the future. There are a number of significant "Main Street Modern" buildings currently threatened with demolition or degradation, including …Marcel Breuer's Grosse Pointe Public Library (1953) in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan.

The World Monuments Fund is interested in possibly committing $50,000 toward the preservation of Central Library under certain conditions. This was discussed at the August board meeting, and will be further discussed at the meeting in September. Mr. Henry Ng, Executive Vice-President of the WMF will be briefly visiting the library at the end of August.

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cxk8 said...

While neo-traditional buildings are popular, it is not hard to see the importance of maintaining the period architecture. This will separate out areas with real legacy versus constructed heritage. However, funds are needed so these buildings do not become so dated that they detract from the property value. Residents should feel excited about going to Central Library. Technology, gathering areas and classes are key to keeping brick and mortar buildings in an age of on-line learning.