Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Short List a Tall Order

The Building Committee had a daunting task in selecting a short list of architects for the Central Library building project. Many, many exciting, well-qualified firms submitted requests for qualifications. The list has been narrowed to five, and they will be interviewed on two nights this month. The regular library board meeting on Monday, April 23 will begin 30 minutes earlier than usual to allow time for the first two interviews, with Fanning Howey at 6:30 and Luckenbach Ziegelman at approximately 7:40. Other meeting agenda items will follow the interviews. Part Two will be on the following Monday, April 30. Engberg Anderson will be interviewed at 6:30, followed by Ross Barney at 7:40, and designLAB at 8:50. Both of these meetings will be held at the Woods Branch Library and, as always, the meetings are open to the public.